Why can I not order a medication?

Only Medications marked by your Doctor as long term are available to order. However, if there is a medication that you have had before and want to order, type this in the area for sending through a note to the

My doctor does not have any appointments available for me to book?

You will need to phone your Health Centre to be provided with options if all the available appointments are booked or your usual Doctor is not available.

Why am I not able to view my latest lab results?

Most test results are shared with you. Your GP needs to review and file the test results before they are sent to your account to view. Please be aware this may take reasonable time. If you have any questions about

Why can I not find a print function?

At this stage we have not implemented a print function expect for the Lab results. In the interim if you wish to print contents of ManageMyHealth we suggest you use the print screen function on your keyboard and past this

Why am I unable to send an email to my doctor?

It is a Doctors choice whether to allow emails to be sent to them. Or if a patient is using emails inappropriately the doctor can blacklist you, which prevents you from sending them emails. For many doctors this is a

I cannot activate my account with the activation code I was given by my Health Centre?

There are a few simple steps to review: Please re-enter the email address and activation code again You may need to contact your Health Centre to check that the Health Centre has spelt your email address correctly Enter your Date