National and global aspirations for ManageMyHealth patient portal

Manage My Health Ltd’s new board members are Tim Gibson, Vino Ramayah, Sam Barclay and David Fitzpatrick-Cockram (absent: Ross Tanner)

Patient portal ManageMyHealth is being targeted to achieve ubiquity and become the go-to health website for patients.

Manage My Health Ltd chair Vino Ramayah says there’s an opportunity to transform the portal.

In June, Mr Ramayah sold practice management system company Medtech Global to Australian investment fund Advent Partners and health technology investment firm Acclivis.

Prior to the sale, focus had been on Medtech and ManageMyHealth working together. The two companies retain a partnership, says Mr Ramayah, who also chairs Manage My Health Ltd’s new parent company, Cereus Holdings Ltd.

Thanks in part to its long association with Medtech, ManageMyHealth remains in use by just over half of all general practices (295) offering portals. This covers more than 800,000 patients, and the total is expected to hit one million by April.

Ministry of Health figures from September 2020 show the closest rival is ConnectMed, with 111 practices, followed by My Practice, 76, and Indici, 66. Mr Ramayah wants the landing page of

ManageMyHealth to become the go-to health website for patients, and not just to log in to book doctor appointments and view test results.

The page could become the conduit for a variety of evidence-based health information sources, he says.

“We’re still going to be patient and doctor-centric [but] we do want to look at other areas of wellness, which gives the patient a greater [incentive] to revisit the page.”

Along with a website redesign, the company has been running focus groups with patients and health-sector bodies to determine content and services for ManageMyHealth.

Practices pay subscription fees for the portal, but broadening the site’s use could create new revenue streams, Mr Ramayah says.

Transformation and growth

The company is also looking at how consented patient health data from the likes of Fitbits and Apple watches can be uploaded and securely available in easy-to-understand graphs.

“We are making that data more user-friendly, so, for instance, if there is a marked change in your collected stats, you will be alerted.”

With transformation and growth planned for the portal, the company has a new board. Directors are Ross Tanner, Tim Gibson, David Fitzpatrick-Cockram and Sam Barclay.

As a former Medtech board director, Mr Tanner brings governance experience. Mr Gibson is an experienced director and currently serves on the Silver Fern Farms Ltd board.

Dr Fitzpatrick-Cockram is a consultant clinical psychologist and chief of Auckland’s Orthotic Centre.

He has strategy, innovation and healthcare leadership qualifications and has worked with Southern Cross, the Eye Institute and Geneva Healthcare.

Mr Barclay has spent more than 25 years working with American and New Zealand building- technology businesses, and his recent work has focused on export and digital growth strategies. The board’s international experience will prove useful when ManageMyHealth turns to growing its international client base, Mr Ramayah says. The company already has users in Australia and the UK.

The Government’s response to the Health and Disability System Review recommendations creates an opportunity for ManageMyHealth, he says.

One point made by the review panel is that people should be more empowered with more trusted access to, and control over, their health data.

Mr Ramayah expects the projected growth of ManageMyHealth, and its services and hosted content, will be attractive to potential clients, including the Ministry of Health.