Shared Health Records

Providing high levels of care often requires clinicians to collaborate with other practitioners on cross functional health plans. ManageMyHealth allows clinicians to easily share patient data with other practitioners. This approach ensures everyone has the vital information they need to


ManageMyHealth provides patients with the convenience of video consultations. It’s a simple tool to use and can be easily accessed from the ManageMyhealth App. Telehealth consultations improve access to healthcare for busy patients that can’t take time off work or

Remote Patient Monitoring

Many patients like to recover at home, but it can be challenging for clinicians to monitor their health effectively. ManageMyHealth is integrated with a variety of patient monitoring devices which allows the clinician to manage this vital information remotely, without

Share Lab Results

ManageMyHealth delivers a secure way for clinicians to share lab results and it also provides a safe repository for patients to store this information. Having access to historical test results allows patients to share these results with other providers without

Secure Communications

Key to patient engagement is communication and ManageMyHealth provides clinicians with a secure platform to share messages, announcements and reminders. Busy patients appreciate the ability to share messages with their practitioner when its convenient for them.

Online appointments

ManageMyHealth allows patients to make bookings online, 24/7 when its convenient for them. They can choose the provider, type of consultation (in person or video) and the consultation purpose to ensure adequate time is allocated for the booking.

Share patient info

Share selected patient info with other healthcare providers like specialists, community health workers and after hours or emergency services.

Appointment reminders

Missed appointments can be costly for practices and also impact a patients ability to receive the healthcare they need. ManageMyHealth boasts a powerful reminder system that will ensure patients remember their appointments and it makes it easy for them to

Secure communication

Communicate safely with your patients via online messages.

Integrated with Medtech PMS

ManageMyHealth seamlessly integrates with Medtech PMS.